Programs for Kids and Educators

Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Programs for Kids and their Educators

These fun, interactive programs are for kids and educators who love animals and want to make a difference.

More and more kids are saving species and making a difference by protecting bees and planting pollinator gardens, eliminating the use of plastic bags to help save sea turtles, eliminating foods that contain palm oil in order to help save Orangutans, and so much more. 

The programs are delivered both on line and in person at schools, homeschooling groups, libraries, zoos, aquariums, wildlife conservation centers, and more. 

Students receive real-world information about becoming Social Entrepreneurs, Saving the Species that share our earth and Succeeding in the 21st Century!


Lead a Project to Save an Animal You Love. Like Sally who encourages her family and friends to stop using plastic shopping bags because they blow in the ocean and sea turtles think they are jelly fish, eat them and suffocate. Best of all kids can create their own Personal Species Protection Plan™.

Here are 2 ways to enjoy this fun, interactive program and join kids who love animals and want to help make a difference! 

Launch a Social Enterprise that Sells Products and Saves Species. Like Mikaila who is selling lemonade sweetened with honey and donating her profits to help save the honey bees or Caleb who created the non-profit S.T.E.M. Bunnies as a way to teach kids how to care for rabbits and to help protect Heritage Breeds of Rabbits.

This is a fun, interactive program for kids who love animals and want to sell products and improve their life! 


Education for Educators. Providing educators with the tools they need to empower the Next Generation to become social entrepreneurs who lead powerful projects that preserve and protect our planet, its people, and the animals.

Green Up Kids Camp

Green Up Kids Camp. How exciting! A camp that comes to your location for a day, a week, or longer. We arrive in a 24' mobile conservation studio (RV), bring all the supplies and handle the clean up. All you do is provide the kids.

Passport to the Animal World

Passport to the Animal World. Travel with The Green Up Girl on virtual expeditions to meet rare, exotic, and endangered animals and receive the steps to help save them from extinction.


Contact us at with your questions. 

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