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New Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Handbooks

Check out these fun, engaging Handbooks for kids who love animals and want to make a difference.

What’s really exciting about these Handbooks is they give kids real-world information about becoming Social Entrepreneurs who lead powerful projects that preserve and protect our planet, its people, and the animals. Each handbook gives detailed directions to ensure the kids bring their social projects and enterprises to life.

Choose a Handbook:

A Handbook for the Next Generation who want to become Social Entrepreneurs that Lead a Powerful Project to Help Save the Animals they Love.

Join youth from around the globe who are saving bees by planting pollinator gardens, eliminating the use of plastic bags to help save sea turtles, and so much more.

In this Handbook students pick an animal they love, research and discover fun facts about them, connect with organizations who also care for the animal, and best of all create their own Personal Species Protection Plan that inspires others to join in.

A Handbook for the Next Generation who want to become Social Entrepreneurs that Launch a Social Enterprise that Sells Products and Saves the Animals they Love.    

More and more kids are wanting to create social enterprises that make a better life for themselves and those around them.

In this Handbook, students brainstorm business ideas, bring their business idea to life, find fun in the finances, explore how to give back to the world, and launch their very own social enterprises.

After Handbook #1 has been completed, students are ready to move on to Handbook #2 where they will create their own Eco-Products Promotional Plan that ensures they grow their social enterprise to where they envision it.


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