Enjoy Living a Greener Lifestyle

As The Green Up Girl, C S Wurzberger is on a mission to inspire people to care for the earth and its animals. 

Our actions and lifestyle choices can safeguard our eco-systems, preserve the environment, and prevent endangered animals from going extinct.

GreenTreeUnfortunately, right now this world is not the world of our ancestors, clean, garbage free, with an abundance of animals running free and crystal clear waters filled with fish and marine life.

It is a world filled with mountains of trash both on land and in the ocean. Everywhere you look you see some sort of trash, papers, plastic water bottles laying on the ground or blowing in the wind. Even remote forests and beaches have traces of human waste.

Thank goodness change is coming, their are people, businesses and organizations around the world doing amazing things to restore our planet, while also creating and offering life changing products and services that are improving lives of both humans and animals.

The Green Up Girl is here to connect you with the resources you need to make simple, green choices that will improve your life and the lives of others.

Listen to a Podcast:

  • Greener by Choice looks at green issues, features eco-friendly products, and spotlights green movement leaders who are making a difference all around the world. Access all podcasts at GreenerbyChoice.com
  • Living Green on the Road inspires campers and outdoor enthusiasts to explore a greener lifestyle, conserve resources, and enjoy playing lightly on the earth. It shares simple green up tips, spotlights green campgrounds, features outdoor-related products, and highlights green events and other fun activities you can do on the road.

Attend an Event:

  • Green Up Gatherings: An educational discussion series that explores green lifestyle topics and provides simple action steps you can begin incorporating into your life today. (Offered both online and in person)

Received Personalized Assistance:

  • Green Lifestyle Coaching: If you are interested in living a healthily, greener lifestyle, but don’t know where to start? The Green Up Girl is here to help you personally.


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C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl

C S Wurzberger, aka The Green Up Girl has a Masters Certificate in Sustainable Innovation, a corporate member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and sits on multiple sustainably focused non-profit boards.

C S is also an instructor for MBA courses and some of the country’s largest conferences and trade shows.


Wildly Profitable Marketing for Businesses Selling Eco-Friendly Products

And co-author of three marketing books:

  • Wildly Profitable Marketing for Green Businesses Selling Eco-Friendly Products,
  • Wildly Profitable Marketing for zoos, aquariums and other animal/nature organizations and
  • Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry 

Hands-on field guides designed specifically to help each business attract more customers with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and other effective strategies. All three publications are available on Amazon.com, Wildly Profitable Marketing.com and other fine booksellers.

Contact us with any Green Lifestyle questions or to book a speaking engagement.


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The DoDo Bird went extinct in 1861 and humans could have prevented this tragedy.
GIVING BACK – Join us in caring for the earth and its animals. Our mission is to give back 10% of our profits to organizations involved in saving endangered animals.
Visit www.aTriptotheZoo.com to learn more.






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