How to Listen to a Podcast

What is a Podcast?

Podcast ImagePodcasts are a FREE radio/television-like shows that center around certain topics like green lifestyle living, Business, Kids & Family, News & Politics and many others. They are produced by professionals and posted to the Internet for download. You can easily listen or watch them on your computer, smart phone, iPad, iPod, or any portable media player.

“The name derives from the combination of broadcast and iPod.”

They can be downloaded individually or subscribed to so that each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to your computer. You can subscribe to a podcasts directly at the iTunes Store, Stitcher, or any of the other podcast streams that are available. (For the purpose of this tutorial we are focusing on iTunes)

Currently there are thousands of Podcasts to choose from and easy to find engaging topics.

What is the Greener by Choice Podcast about?

Greener by Choice is a daily podcast hosted by The Green Up Girl – C S Wurzberger. It looks at green issues and spotlights green movement leaders who are making a difference all around the world. You’ll hear their real life stories, motivations, inspirations and you’ll receive resources and simple action steps so you can join in and enjoy living a greener lifestyle.

How do I listen to the Greener by Choice Podcast?

Follow this link to the iTunes Store:  and select the episode you want to listen to and click the play button on the left of the name. The episode will automatically start playing on your computer.

P2-Listen to a Podcast

The Greener by Choice podcast is broadcasted daily, so instead of remembering to come back each day to listen to each new exciting episode, you’ll want to subscribe and have them automatically delivered to your computer.

How do I subscribe to a Greener by Choice Podcast?

Follow this link to the iTunes Store:  (The same page you were on when listening to one individual episode at a time) but now click on “View in iTunes” button.

NOTE: If  iTunes is not already installed on your computer, simply go to and download it (The download button is blue and in the upper right hand corner).

P1-Listen to a Podcast

After you click “View in iTunes” this screen will pop up

P3-Listen to a Podcast

After you click “Subscribe” you are all set and each podcast will be downloaded so you can listen and re-listen at your convenience.

g1As The Green Up Girl, I’m proud and excited to bring you these Podcasts filled with inspiration, motivation, resources, and simply actions steps so you can enjoy living a greener lifestyle. Learn more about The Green Up Girl and her other adventures by going the website or Facebook page.

Go to iTunes now to begin enjoying your daily dose of Green Living Inspiration.







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