Course: Showcasing Your Mission in the Marketplace

12 Steps to Promote and Grow Your Social Enterprise

The 12 Steps to Growing a Social Enterprise and Improving Our World. 

In this course, students discover fun ways to select and use the best marketing tactics and tools that bring them the highest results

Today’s overwhelming marketing choices — particularly online — are simply becoming too cumbersome to follow. 

Take heart: A clever and effective strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, lengthy or cumbersome. And, kids don’t have to become a technical web genius. 

Each step brings them closer to achieving their mission! 

  • Step 1: Define your marketing direction 
  • Step 2: Identify and understand who you are selling to
  • Step 3: Track what your competitors are doing
  • Step 4: Write great content that creates sales
  • Step 5: Ensure you have a high performing website
  • Step 6: Attract the masses with search engine optimization
  • Step 7: Choose the best marketing tools and tactics
  • Step 8: Connect with customers through social media
  • Step 9: Broadcast with a podcast
  • Step 10: Get more attention with public relations (PR)
  • Step 11: Create happy customer connections
  • Step 12: Pull it all together with your Eco-Products Promotional Plan
  • Bonus: Measure & maximize to ensure sustainable growth

After completing this 2-part series kids will know what they're doing and why they’re doing it. My team and I are here to assist. 

What makes this course so valuable is the fact that when students are done attending all the sessions and completing all the worksheets, they’ll have a complete Eco-Products Promotional Plan™ to follow. An plan that simply walks them through each step to find all the customers they need and want.


Well first, let’s think about how much it would cost for you to sign up for sports activities, music lessons, art classes, etc.  Depending upon where you are in the U.S., the cost varies from $125 - $295 per program.

The cost of this interactive 12 hour program is only $295.

Each course is limited to only 5 kids to ensure plenty of personalized assistance.


  • A printed Handbook mailed to their home
  • A downloadable PDF Handbook for online viewing
  • A collection of worksheets
  • A list of action steps
  • A list of resources
  • A video recording of each session to review when ever they want


  • Builds confidence
  • Supports creativity
  • Improves emotional well being
  • Develops respect and responsibility
  • Connects with animals
  • Grows leadership skills

** Do you want personalized attention?

Sign up to work directly with C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl®. Simply email her at to discuss your options.


Contact us at with your questions. 

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