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SchoolBunnySmThe Green Up Girl® delivers fun, engaging conservation-based programs to children, teens, and adults. The earth-friendly, adventure-packed activities and events are designed to connect people with rare and endangered animals, both in captivity and in the wild, inspire conservation, and encourage good stewardship of the environment.

The Green Up Girl® travels to schools, summer camps, daycare centers, libraries, home schooling groups, churches, girl & boy scouts, 4-h groups, campgrounds, nursing homes, community and corporate events and private parties. Along with zoos, aquariums, wildlife conservation centers, and more.

Plus, to expand our outreach worldwide, many of our educational events stream live on the Internet so people from around the world can enjoy them from the comfort of their home or any where they have Internet access.

Choose from the following programs:

  • Let’s Talk with the Animals: Meet Abby the African Grey Parrot and discover how animals communicate. Just like humans, animals send messages to each other in a variety of ways like voice, sign language, sounds, scents, touch, and more.

  • Explorers on Expedition: This series of programs provides children, teens, and adults with fun, interactive ways to explore our world and its animals. Select a program:

    • Exploring Eggs and the Birds that Hatch Them: Eggs come in many shapes, sizes, colors and are laid by a variety of fish, reptiles, insects, mammals (know as a monotremes), and birds. This program introduces kids to a variety of birds; Ostrich, Rhea, Emu, Swan, Peafowl, Pheasant, African Grey, and others. Participants will even get to touch a real Ostrich egg and view a variety of others.

    • Exploring birds in your backyard: How do they eat, sleep, and live.

    • Tour the animals’ homes and habitats

    • Composting with Worms

    • Migration of Monarch Butterfly

  • Zero Waste for Wildlife: About 160 million tons of trash is thrown away yearly in the U.S. alone. That translates to about 3 1/2 lbs per person, per day. Not only is this amount of trash mind boggling, but the trash pollutes our water supply, land, and causes great harm to the animals. For instance; Fishing lines can trap legs, wings, and get wrapped around the neck of birds, broken glass can cut their feet, plus many animals get ensnared by plastic six-pack holders, and the list goes on. This interactive program will share simple ways to get involved in protecting wildlife.

  • Passport to the Animal World – Travel with the Green Up Girl® on fun, adventurous journeys that go behind the scenes at zoos, aquariums, sanctuaries, and wildlife conservation centers. Together, we’ll meet rare, exotic, and endangered animals, hear their stories, and connect with projects and individuals involved in protecting them from extinction.

  • Mission to Marketplace – Empowering youth to become social entrepreneurs by providing them with the platform they need to launch, manage, and grow their social enterprises; all with the purpose of bringing their mission to marketplace and giving back to the world. Providing teachers and students with a complete easy-to-follow, step-by-step program.

  • Kids Podcasting for the Planet: Kids create their own adventure-packed audio & video podcasts while helping to change the world. This program focuses on bringing together a child’s love of technology and exploring the environment, while giving them a fun way to share their thoughts, speak their voice and share their solutions with the world.

  • Explore Heritage Breeds: Just like there are endangered species such as pandas, tigers, and elephants, there are also endangered livestock and poultry BREEDS. Specifically, 21% of the world’s 8,000 livestock breeds are in danger of extinction. Meet these historic animal, there farmers, and people working to save them from extinction.

  • Rare Rabbit Adventures: Meet a collection of live rare and endangered breeds of rabbits. Discover where they live in the world, how they live, what they eat, and how you can engage in conservation efforts to help save them from extinction.

  • Greener by Choice: Explore all the fun aspects of living a greener, cleaner lifestyle; compost, cook with solar, repurpose, recycle, and much more.

Custom programs are also available and designed to match your current lesson plans and activities.

Travel Fee: An additional travel fee is charged if you are located beyond 50 mile round trip miles from our Marlboro, VT facility. Contact us with the street address of your event, in order to receive a fixed travel fee quote.

Contact us for additional information and to book a program.

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