Green UP Kids

Green UP Kids is a nature club for kids that love animals and exploring the world. It doesn’t matter where they live in the world, kids can join in the fun. The earth-friendly activities are delivered two ways; online via email and through the Green UP Kids’ App, plus live, in person programs at selected schools, summer camps, green festivals, community fairs, zoos, aquariums, conservation centers, and more.

Director, C S Wurzberger, The Green Up Girl states; “We are on an important mission to provide kids with earth-friendly, adventure-packed activities, projects, and programs that engage and empower children and teens from around the globe to be good environmental stewards, while also bringing out their joy of discovery, and sense of wonder for our world and its animals.”

As members, kids will receive a Passport to the Animal World: a series of videos that travel behind the scenes to meet endangered animals, hear their stories, and explore where they live both in the wild and captivity. Attend live events & presentations. Listen to interviews with with leading conservationist, field biologists, animal caregivers, and more. Plus, participate in youth-led Green UP Projects that help protect our animals, people, and planet, while also developing more respect and responsibility for our environment.

Many children are disconnected from nature and the animals. In fact, many child behavioral experts feel that “Nature deficit disorder” is real and something we need to remedy at once.

Membership is free. Sign up the kids in your life and help improve their emotional well being, reduces stress, support their creativity, build confidence and develop their respect and responsibility for the earth and its animals.

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